Stringer is a beautiful app that helps you rediscover your music collection. Start a String to shuffle your stuff. When you hear something you like, step to the side and add some more. It’s fast and easy.

It works with your iTunes content and the music you’ve uploaded to iTunes Match. And it’s free to try out. If you really like it, you can unlock advanced features for a few bucks. Give it a shot–you’ll never shuffle the old way again.

Advance tracks by moving up and down in your String.

Swipe to enter Edit Mode, and add some extra tracks to your String.

Swipe back, and your new songs are ready to be played next.


Save Strings for future playback


Import iTunes playlists to create new Strings


Access an artist’s related albums quickly and add to your String


Mark songs as favorites to create quick mixes

“Stringer pinpoints an oft-overlooked problem with the standard iTunes shuffle…”

- Time

“I’ve been using Stringer for a while now, and I’m in love with it.”

- AppAdvice

“The app solves what was a problem for me, namely the desire to easily update a custom playlist on the fly.”


“Shuffling your music is usually a pretty simple affair, but if you’re looking for a bit more control, Stringer is an app that gives you a ton of control over how shuffle works.”

- Lifehacker