Stringer: shuffle with style

Seth Clifford | November 20, 2014

I’m not sure if there’s anything quite as satisfying as building something you’re proud of. Well, perhaps never ending sentences with prepositions, but that’s another discussion. We spent the last few months creating a new music experience that we love, and that we hope you’ll love too. We call it Stringer.

Stringer is a music app based on one core principle: you’re shuffling your songs, and you hear a great tune. Let’s say it’s track 3 on the album it’s from, and you’re already singing track 4. You need to essentially stop what you’re doing (shuffling), go to the album, and play the extra track. When you’re done, you have to start the shuffle again. Not the end of the world, but not exactly smooth, either.

We decided it could be easier. Stringer allows you to step outside your shuffle, toss some other stuff into it, and step right back in. A flexible listening experience centered on creating great mixes with a little more control. It focuses on randomizing your music but gives you some additional abilities. You can create extra Strings from tracks you mark as favorites, view other music by the currently playing artist, import your playlists from iTunes, and even save a String if you end up adding and deleting stuff to make the perfect mix.

The app supports music that is synced to your phone (stored locally) as well as music you’ve stored in iTunes Match. We’re releasing it with core functionality for free, and you can enable additional features through in-app purchase. This way everyone can have a chance to try it out and if you find you like it, you can extend the app in cool ways for a small price.

Stringer is an app that we’ve wanted to use ourselves for a long time. It came from personal needs and conversation. To be able to finally share it with the world is really thrilling. Give it a shot. Let us know what you think. We’re on Twitter at @heyderby and you can follow the app at @heystringer. And sign up for the Derby newsletter! We promise to be hilarious and not bother you all the time.